Bullpen Speed Agility Program


$80.00 per month


Agility can be generally defined as the ability to move quickly and change direction while maintaining balance and body control. Agility, which incorporates speed and explosiveness, is often the determining factor in the success of an athlete or a team. Many people say that agility is primarily determined by genetics and is therefore difficult to improve to any significant level. Yet, there is a direct correlation with agility training and the development of athletic speed, quickness and coordination. It is recognized that agility and coordinative movements are most easily developed in the preadolescence years. It is this time during an athlete’s life that neuromuscular training effect has the greatest impact on athleticism. Be all you can be and start agility training now.

This program is designed and instructed by Josh Montgomery M.S. It is the goal of The Chico Bullpen to provide a safe and fun environment for the athlete to improve his/her athletic skills. This program is very demanding and takes a high level of focus and determination. Please consult Lance or Josh prior to signing up.


The benefits athletes can expect from our Agility Program include IMPROVED:

  • Speed, Quickness and Power
  • Neuromuscular adaptation
  • Balance and Coordination
  • Injury prevention
  • Overall conditioning
  • Mental focus


The components of our Agility program include:

  • Technique/Biomechanics
  • Power
  • Speed
  • Coordination
  • Reaction
  • Flexibility
  • Balance